Three Key Ways to Help Navigate Change

Business owners and their teams often fear change. Change can be a shock to the system in the way it disrupts processes, displaces people and shakes up comfortable structures. As you navigate an era of unprecedented technological and social upheaval, you need to make confident decisions to see your business successfully through to the other […]

Help your people get back to work… carefully

We’ve been through a lot of change recently due to the pandemic. Most of us have changed quickly to comply with the various safety interventions. However we now need to change again to re-enter our work environments or the workforce more generally. This change may be just as hard, if not harder, than before. Manage this transition carefully.

Are your customers getting the experience they need to buy from you? Are you training your staff to provide it?

I wonder in all the new world of technology with AR, VR, IoT and websites we have lost a simple sales concept – people buy things not because of the product or service but because they feel something from the buying experience. If you are a business owner that has a retail presence, or even if you […]

Driving change – overcoming those voices in your head

Hi all – Happy New 2019 Financial Year to you! I hope all is well with you, your family, your work and your business. Below is a blog I did for my great colleagues at the NCP – the Network of Consulting Professionals. I hope you find it interesting and don’t forget to give me […]

Change Management for SME’s. Principle 1: Communicate with Feeling – the WHY of Change

When I mention the words ‘change management’ to someone I don’t know well I wait a second for a reaction. If the person has worked at a large corporate they will tend to know what it is and perhaps make a disparaging comment about ‘soft stuff’ or ‘fluffy stuff’. However, people who have worked mainly […]