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With experience in successfully navigating change for a range of businesses, we understand how to set up your business for success.


We are your steady hand on the change and project management wheel. As your partners in transformation we will mentor you as navigators to create growth for your business.


We listen and take the time to understand the difficulties you are having in your business. We are not a quick fix solution and will invest in you and your team to ensure we deliver the results you desire.


The Nenke Consulting team has an extensive and successful career in leadership and consulting to large and small businesses. We are perfectly positioned to guide you and equip your business with the necessary tools to achieve exceptional performance.

We are Ready to Listen

Unsure about where to start? We offer an obligation free consultation where we listen to you and gain an understanding of your pain points. It’s a great starting point for creating room for change and navigating the evolving world of your business. We are always ready to take your call.
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Navigate the Changing World of Your Business

Whatever the size of your business or scale of change you need, our experienced team will enable smooth transitions, ongoing custodial support, and a focus on championing growth.
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Business Mentoring

Running a business is challenging at the best of times, with business owners often trying to be everything to everyone. As the owner or manager, you might not be able to focus on what you do best — be the champion of your own business.

This is where we come in. Our successful and proven “Business Mentoring Program” is targeted at SMEs, providing you with the support you need to continue running your business. This gives you the breathing space to look for growth opportunities for your business.

Leading Change

Change presents a range of complex challenges for your business that may require an objective and independent hand to help. For example, you and your team may need support in accurately identifying the real impacts of change and their mitigation.

Nenke Consulting uses a range of methodologies to help ‘smooth out’ change, and work on the adoption and adaption of change for you and your team. We can help you manage and avoid any pitfalls, so you can confidently navigate the ‘maze of change’.

Digital Evolution

The enormous impact of rapidly changing technology across all industries means that change often encompasses a significant technological aspect.

To remain competitive, your business must stay across potential digital improvements and enhancements. These can ultimately help your business grow and evolve.

Nenke Consulting helps ease you and your team through the ‘fear of the unknown’ of technological transformation, ensuring your entire business adapts and embraces change.

Make Your Business Future-Proof

We work to create an inclusive and collaborative environment that guides your team through the process of change. We deliver customised plans and actions for you and your team to drive strong engagement, enhance a sense of agency, and greater clarity of purpose for all involved.
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We Can Help

As a business owner or leader in a business, you are the expert in running your business and know what you need to keep evolving.
But with only so many hours in the day, you may not have the resources, staff or time to make this happen. This is where Nenke Consulting can partner with you.
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Craig helped us significantly through the journey of implementing our MS Dynamics ERP. He not only took on the project management but also collaborated well with our people and helped them deal with the change in processes. His calm and level-headed approach always added value. Craig is now helping us further with other improvements we need to make in the business.

Garry Embleton

Ausfine Foods International

I found Craig to be the ultimate professional. He was thorough in defining the processes to be used for evaluation and a tough but fair negotiator. The resultant project plan was detailed and practical and provided the teams of both parties a clear deployment path for what was, at the time, one of the largest audio, web and video conferencing platforms in the world.

Wayne Moloney

British Telecom

Craig’s thorough knowledge of change management is awesome and his ability to apply it to help clients of all shapes and sizes is truly amazing.

Will Heine

Anderson-Smith Consulting

Success Stories

We pride ourselves on offering the best business mentoring services.
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