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Taking control of your business can be hard to do on your own. Our experts want to honour your business values and help you navigate the changing world of business. We can enable a smooth transition that champions growth.
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We call ourselves “business navigators” because this best encapsulates the services we offer. With objective and judgement-free services, we can help to create customised plans for you and your team to action stronger engagement, enhance a sense of agency and greater clarity of purpose for all involved. Navigate change with confidence.

Our Services

Business Mentoring

We are your partners in transformation, your mentors in change, your collaborators in growth. We provide you with the room to run your business while navigating growth opportunities.

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Change and Project Management

Change presents a range of challenges that your business may find itself unequipped to manage. We can assist with communications and training to ensure your team confidently rides the wave of change.

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Digital Evolution

The Nenke Consulting team has an extensive and successful career in corporate leadership and consulting. We are perfectly positioned to guide you in all things digital.

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Start Today With a Free Consultation

Unsure about where to start? We offer an obligation free consultation where we listen to you and offer some professional advice. It’s a great starting point for creating room for change and navigate the evolving world of business. We are always ready to take your call.
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Our Mentoring Programs

We help businesses navigate change and use it to further growth. Our programs can assist in embracing transformation in your business and give advice on adapting to change. Our objective eye and a steady hand will enable smooth transitions and ongoing support to strengthen your business.

Business Mentoring

We offer business mentoring to help you navigate change. Our functions and services focus on assisting your business with change programs uniquely designed to your needs. These programs have already been implemented for a range of clients, and have resulted in businesses wielding change for the better.

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SWOT and Strategy

Our SWOT and Strategy Program will get you on your way to a better organised and more effective business plan.
Looking at your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats is a powerful tool for setting up your business for success.
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CRM Kickstart

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can help businesses organise and systematise their sales process which is fundamental for growth. We at Nenke Consulting have developed our CRM Kickstart package to help businesses navigate the maze of CRM solutions available and who don’t know where to start.

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Proposal Management

Proposal Management software can help businesses develop more professional proposals in minutes, fundamental for winning business. We’ve developed our Proposal Management Kickstart package to help businesses who don’t know where to start in navigating the maze of Proposal Management solutions available.

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We “walk the walk with you through change from start to finish.

We honour you and your values to create personalised solutions.

We understand change and offer judgement-free advice.

We give you the tools for you and your team to navigate change.

We champion change as a driver for better outcomes for your business.

We are Nenke Consulting

We are your business navigators and your steady hand on the change and project management wheel. As your partners in transformation, your mentors in change, your collaborators in growth, we ‘walk the walk’ with you from start to finish.
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No Problem is
Too Big

Whatever the size of your business, and however small or large the change you need navigated, our objective eye and steady hand will enable smooth transitions, ongoing custodial support and a focus on championing growth.
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Craig helped us significantly through the journey of implementing our MS Dynamics ERP. He not only took on the project management but also collaborated well with our people and helped them deal with the change in processes. His calm and level-headed approach always added value. Craig is now helping us further with other improvements we need to make in the business.

Garry Embleton

Ausfine Foods International

I found Craig to be the ultimate professional. He was thorough in defining the processes to be used for evaluation and a tough but fair negotiator. The resultant project plan was detailed and practical and provided the teams of both parties a clear deployment path for what was, at the time, one of the largest audio, web and video conferencing platforms in the world.

Wayne Moloney

British Telecom

Craig’s thorough knowledge of change management is awesome and his ability to apply it to help clients of all shapes and sizes is truly amazing.

Will Heine

Anderson-Smith Consulting

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We pride ourselves on offering the best business mentoring services.
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