Give Everyone a Fair Go at that First Promotion!

The Broken Rung The first step to issues with diversity in the workplace is with the first progression into management. Hurdle number one. This is where the rot starts for many organisations, small and large. A promotion becomes available and the immediate response is to look outside the organisation. In other organisations there will be […]

Feeling flat? Try our Team Motivation Checklist for a few ideas!

Is your team feeling flat after weeks and weeks of lockdown? It may be worth trying a few different things to pick yourself and your team up! Have a look at the Nenke Consulting team motivation checklist and get your team on the front foot again. Nenke Consulting Team Motivation Check List

One Simple Move in Digital Transformation that Will Save you Time and Money

It is said that we have experienced fifteen years of technology innovation in the last fifteen months. This has brought lots of opportunity and ‘noise’ in the technology space but for many, it has only added to their fears. Many business owners are asking themselves questions such as “What should I be doing on the […]