5 Tips to Start Practical Diversity and Inclusion Activity for Your Organisation

Diversity is all about difference in the workplace. Difference in age, gender, cultural background and ethnicity. With diversity comes different views, a greater level of different experiences and opportunities for learning. It leads to better decisions and there is growing, compelling evidence it leads to better performance. Potential employees, particularly millennials, will be drawn to […]

A Personal Account of a Flawed Elastic Mind: What I Learned in 2020

man typing on his laptop

I’d be lying if I said to you that 2020 was good to me. I’ve had challenges with the business, but, more importantly, I’ve been unsettled and on edge. For as long as I can remember, I’ve started my day listening to world news on Radio National. I stopped doing that in 2020. I’ve become […]

The Main Reason You Need a Mentor

If you have ever felt stuck or unsure about how to move your business career forward, you have probably considered finding a mentor. Many of the world’s most renowned business leaders, such as Virgin’s Sir Richard Branson and former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, attribute their success to a mentor, and most respected business literature encourages […]

4 Strategies to Motivate and Invigorate Your Team in 2021

Staff holding hands

Next year is shaping up to be a year of fresh changes that will force you to rethink your approach to leading your team. Expectations have changed, circumstances have changed and the way people work has changed. With many plans put on hold in 2020, both individually and at an organisational level, as the economy […]

SWOT: The #1 Planning Strategy Business Owners Need for 2021

SWOT analysis

Has this year got you wondering why your business truly exists? Are you disillusioned with your business’s purpose and doubting your path? You aren’t alone and the solution may be as simple as reinvigorating your strategy with a SWOT analysis to determine your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Many business owners around the globe have […]