Stratica International

Stratica is a specialist organisation in credit card (PCI-DSS) compliance.

Stratica were changing their business model from low volume, longer term client project work to higher volume, short term more ‘productised’ offerings. Their sales cycle therefore had to shorten and be more efficient.

One of their key issues was the turnaround of proposals. Proposals were being manually written each time and taking too long to get to the client. They were basic Word documents that the business owner would have to take many hours to produce.

Another problem was the client payment schedule. Clients would not have clarity on the proposal as to when and what they should pay. Stratica did not have any automation between the proposal, the sale and the invoices that would be sent out to the client.

Nenke Consulting helped Stratica review a number of Proposal Management solutions. Using the Proposal Management Kickstart package in the first place, Nenke Consulting reviewed Stratica’s requirements and then presented Stratica with 3-4 different proposal management applications that would suit their needs. The Stratica team understood the pro’s and con’s of each and then reviewed the solution options.

The Stratica team chose Practice Ignition as its preferred solution. Nenke Consulting then helped them organise a complete demonstration with the Practice Ignition team and then guided them through the whole onboarding process.

Stratica now turn around proposals within hours of getting the lead through their website. Their proposals have a wow factor as well and many sales have been closed within the day, as clients can electronically accept them with a digital signature. Each proposal now has a company brochure and terms and conditions automatically attached so the client has all the information they need. Each proposal that is accepted is automatically then linked through to Xero and an invoice is generated.

John Rundell, CEO of Stratica:

“Craig from Nenke Consulting helped us understand all the options we had for improving our sales process. We had to change our business model to more high volume, quick turnaround products and we weren’t set up for that. Nenke Consulting guided us through the whole Practice Ignition solution from start to finish and helped us solve the issues we had. We couldn’t be happier with how Craig helped us and our business is now set up for further success.”