Ausfine Foods ERP Implementation

Ausfine Foods International are a major exporter and importer of dairy and meat products to countries all over the world.

In 2018, Ausfine had selected an ERP solution (Microsoft Dynamics) and a system integrator to move from their basic MYOB finance system to a more comprehensive, modern solution. Their main business issues were:

  • Multiple points of data entry
  • Manual processing of orders and invoices
  • Lack of integration between systems
  • Inadequate financial and operational reporting

However, embarking on such a major project and keeping the business running was going to be too much for the internal team. The CEO and CFO asked Nenke Consulting to provide project management services and overall guidance to the executive team based on extensive experience in large scale technology implementations.

Nenke Consulting helped Ausfine navigate through every stage of the project from scoping through to support and hand-holding. A critical factor of the project was the integration with Ausfine’s operational import/export system and Dynamics. This made the project complex and Craig’s experience in the difficulties in integrating different solutions together even more essential.

Many of the sessions between the vendor ad Ausfine were intense and inevitably conflict would occur. Craig’s experience in leading change would help to smooth the differences and act as ‘translator’ between the business speak of Ausfine and the ‘techo speak’ of the system integrator.

Together with the Ausfine team, Nenke Consulting also developed a change and communication program to make sure that all of the Ausfine team were informed of what was occurring and that everyone received their appropriate level of training and support. This was viewed as a key ‘win’ for the project.

Ausfine implemented Microsoft Dynamics in 2019. They now have an important part of their technology ecosystem in place to start reaping their business benefits.

Garry Embleton, Operations Director of Ausfine Foods:

Craig helped us significantly through the journey of implementing our MS Dynamics ERP. He not only took on the project management but also collaborated well with our people and helped them deal with the change in processes. His calm and level-headed approach always added value. Craig is now helping us further with other improvements we need to make in the business.