Nenke Consulting specialise in technology, business mentorship and helping businesses grow through change.

We embrace organisations that recognise change is fundamental for growth.

A constantly changing world means businesses regularly face the dual challenge and opportunity that comes with navigating business and technology change.

As a business owner or leader in a business, you are the expert in running your business and know you need to keep evolving to grow.

But with only so many hours in the day, you may not have the resources, staff or time to make this happen.

This is where Nenke Consulting can partner with you.

Whatever the size of your business, and however small or large the change you need to make, our independent, objective eye and steady hand will enable smooth transitions, ongoing support and a focus on growth.

From the outset, rather than leaving your team on the outside of change looking in, we create an inclusive and collaborative environment that guides them through the process. Our customised action plans created with you lead to stronger engagement, an enhanced sense of agency and greater clarity of purpose for all involved.

We “walk the walk” with you from start to finish. Our ongoing support keeps enhancing your team’s expertise well beyond the final implementation.

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Areas of Practice

We call ourselves “business navigators” because this best encapsulates the services we offer.

We can distil our primary services into three specific categories, all with the key focus on assisting your business through the required change, but these also overlap allowing us to offer you a change program uniquely designed for your needs.

Business Mentoring

Running a small business is challenging at the best of times, with business owners often trying to be everything to everyone. This means you, as the owner, can’t focus on what you do best—be the champion of your own business.

This is where we come in. Our successful and proven “Business Mentoring Program” is targeted at SMEs, providing you with the breathing space to continue running your business while you look towards the future and the growth opportunities that change will bring to your business.

Project Management with a People Focus

Change presents a range of challenges that your business may find itself unequipped to manage.

Your people may struggle with the notion of change because the potential impact on them is often misunderstood or de-emphasised.

Nenke Consulting uses a range of methodologies to help ‘smooth out’ resistance, manage the actors involved and avoid the pitfalls, enabling your organisation to deliver the expected benefits of the change.

We can also assist with communications and training to ensure your team confidently rides the wave of change and which also encourages a culture of success both during the change and post implementation.

Digital Transition

The enormous impact of rapidly changing technology across all industries means that change often encompasses some major technological aspect.

To keep up with the competition, your business must stay across potential digital improvements and enhancements because these can ultimately help it grow and evolve.

So, whether you are a company undertaking a digital evolution or an Implementer/SI of a digital product, Nenke Consulting helps ease you and your team through the ‘fear of the unknown’ that can come with technological transformation, ensuring your entire business adapts to and embraces change.


“People don’t resist change, they resist being changed.”

— Peter Senge



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